Forthcoming: Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge

February 20, 2017

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This May, ISER Books in partnership with Breakwater Books, will be releasing the impressive first volume in Pam Hall's extraordinary research project, Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge. 

From boat-building to berries, from knitting socks to mending nets, Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge vividly presents the rich, place-based knowings and doings of more than one hundred knowledge-holders from rural Newfoundland. Renowned artist Pam Hall perfectly marries her singular artistic vision and her exhaustive community-based research in a stunning celebration and preservation of rural knowledge. These images and texts come together to reveal and revalue the local in a time when global monoculture seems overwhelming.

Pam Hall is an interdisciplinary artist, scholar, film-maker, and writer. Her visual art has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally and is represented in the National Gallery of Canada. She has won national awards for her work in film, as a children’s book illustrator, and was recently inducted into the Hall of Honour at the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Awards.  She currently lives in St. John’s.

Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge will be available May 31, 2017. To pre-order your copy visit Breakwater Books.