Creating A University

The Newfoundland Experience

Roberta Buchanan (Editor), Stephen Harold Riggins (Editor) 

Creating a University is a collection of memoirs by more than 30 former faculty and staff of Memorial University — a series of “MUNographies,”— about personal and professional experiences working at Newfoundland’s only university. It is something of a Memorial University family reunion, without a drunken uncle. In the years covered by this volume, primarily 1950 to 1990, few Memorial faculty were Canadians, let alone Newfoundlanders. These “come from aways” arrived in the middle of a post-colonial cultural renaissance, which saw a movement toward new interdisciplinary studies, and laid the groundwork for many of the programs and courses that are offered at the University today.


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ISERBooks. Softcover. Published in 2019. 368 pages. ISBN 9781894725521.

$26.95 CAD

Subjects: Autobiography/BiographyNewfoundland and Labrador Studies