Final Report of the Eco-Research Project

"Sustainability in a Changing Cold-Ocean Coastal Environment"

Rosemary E. Ommer (Author) 

In 1992 the federal government declared a moratorium on the northern cod fishery in the waters off Newfoundland. It was feared (and still is) that the outports, along with the codfish, might well be doomed.

At Memorial University an interdisciplinary team of social, natural, and health scientists, with the support of many graduate, research, and technical assistants, began in 1995 to research what went wrong, and to find what rural strengths Newfoundland might have on which to build a future. The team researched the first-ever environmental history of the regions to acquire the in-depth cultural and environmental sensitivity essential to good long-term policy creation.

ISERBooks. Softcover. Published in 1998. 208 pages. ISBN 0-919666-52-3.

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Subjects: Atlantic CanadaBureaucracy and PolicyFood StudiesGeographyHistoryLabourMaritime StudiesNewfoundland and Labrador StudiesSociety and EnvironmentSociology