Literacy for Living

A Study of Literacy and Cultural Context in Rural Canadian Communities

William T. Fagan (Author) 

Literacy for Living examines the meaning of literacy in the lives of people in "Bridget's Harbour." Through ethnographic research and interviews with groups of people ranging in age from high school to senior adult and varying in degree of education/literacy, William Fagan probes the impact of literacy or lack of it on facets of their lives: social, economic, religious, and cultural. The message is clear: "literacy can not be understood in isolation from the larger sociocultural context." The lessons about literacy have many implications for literacy policy makers and program developers.

ISERBooks. Softcover. Published in 1998. 242 pages. ISBN 0-919666-92-2.

$27.95 CAD

Subjects: Atlantic CanadaCulture, Politics, and IdentityNewfoundland and Labrador Studies