Eskimos and Settlers in a Labrador Community: A Contrastive Study in Adaptation

Shmuel Ben-Dor (Author) 

This study was undertaken shortly after the resettlement of Inuit from northernmost Labrador to Makkovik in 1961. Prior to this, Makkovik had a primarily white settler population dating from the mid-nineteenth century. Ben-Dor found that each ethnic group had markedly different adaptations to the same natural environment, and he focuses on the various sociocultural systems that generate such diversity.

ISERBooks. Softcover. Published in 1966. 208 pages. ISBN 0-919666-24-8.

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Subjects: AnthropologyAtlantic CanadaBureaucracy and PolicyCulture, Politics, and IdentityHistoryIndigenous StudiesNewfoundland and Labrador Studies