Place Names of the Northern Peninsula

A New Edition

Robert Hollett (Editor), William J. Kirwin (Editor) 

Using 1954-1959 National Toponymic Series maps as a base point, the study records the development of each name in map sources across a period beginning in the early sixteenth century up to the middle of the twentieth century. Included is a map keyed to the study area, a glossary of foreign terms, a history of the mapping of Newfoundland names, an analytical survey of the place names of the Northern Peninsula, a gazetteer which present historical, interpretive, and linguistic notes, a list of the maps consulted, and a bibliography of the writings of E.R. Seary.

ISERBooks. Softcover. Published in 2000. 256 pages. ISBN 0-919666-74-4.

$27.95 CAD

Subjects: Atlantic CanadaCulture, Politics, and IdentityNewfoundland and Labrador Studies