Rough Food

The Seasons of Subsistence in Northern Newfoundland

John T. Omohundro (Author) 

"Rough food is your staples, your Winter's diet. The things you got in the Fall to see you through 'til Spring." - Northern Peninsula Resident

This book details how and why northern Newfoundlanders have lived off the land, as unyielding as it is, for a significant proportion of their food, shelter and fuel. Omohundro documents the self-sufficient dimension of rural life and examines recent changes, looking towards future developments.

ISERBooks. Softcover. Published in 1994. 412 pages. ISBN 0-919666-82-5. B&w photos.

$31.95 CAD

Subjects: AnthropologyAtlantic CanadaCulture, Politics, and IdentityFood StudiesLabourNewfoundland and Labrador StudiesSociety and Environment