To Each His Own

William Coaker and the Fishermen's Protective Union in Newfoundland Politics, 1908-1925

Ian D.H. McDonald (Editor), James K. Hiller (Editor) 

This is a study of the Fishermen's Protective Union, a remarkable populist movement that flourished in Newfoundland between 1908 and the mid-1920s. Under the dynamic leadership of William Coaker, the union set out to reform the fishing industry and to obtain social and political reforms, which would ensure that the rural workers--fishermen, sealers and loggers--received "their own": a fair and just return for their labour, and a voice in the country's affairs. This book seeks to explain why the crusade, which seemed to promise so much, ended in disillusion.

ISERBooks. Softcover. Published in 1987. 214 pages. ISBN 1-894725-01-8. B&w photos.

$26.95 CAD

Subjects: Atlantic CanadaHistoryLabourMaritime StudiesNewfoundland and Labrador Studies