Voices from Off Shore

Narratives of Risk and Danger in the Nova Scotian Deep-Sea Fishery

Marian Binkley (Author) 

Every year more men are maimed and killed while deep-sea fishing than in any other industry in Canada. Yet, until recently, these casualties were largely ignored by government and labour. In interviews with fishers and their families, scallopers, engineers, fish plant owners, and others whose livelihoods are hostage to the fishery, this book examines the hazardous and physically demanding occupation of deep-sea fishing.

A complex and fascinating picture emerges: the sea is inherently dangerous and good fishers are, by definition, preoccupied with safety. As both owners and skippers point out, it is the 'best' seamen (the most safety-conscious) who make the most money. Several interviewees describe the dangers of novice fishers, or 'greenhorns', who "get in such queer wrong places."

ISERBooks. Softcover. Published in 1994. 246 pages. ISBN 0-919666-76-0. B&w photos.

$27.95 CAD

Subjects: AnthropologyAtlantic CanadaLabourMaritime StudiesSociety and Environment