The Association For New Canadians

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Group Location
Head Office and Settlement Services
144 Military Road
St. John's, NL

Contact Information
Mailing Address
The Association for New Canadians
Box 2031 Station ‘C'
St. John's, NL

Head Office and Settlement Services
(709) 722-9680


Help line: 1-877 666 9650


Origins of the group: A non-profit, community-based organization originally established in 1979, the Association for New Canadians has been recognized on a local, regional, and national level. Since its inception, the Association has offered immigrant settlement and integration programs and services such as the "Immigrant Settlement Adaptation Program," the "Host Program," and the "Language Instruction Program for Newcomers to Canada." Their growth has continued with the expertise they have gained in these areas. In addition to their other programs, they have been delivering a "Resettlement Assistance" program for the past ten years.

The ANC acts as a liaison between the immigrant community and the larger local community. It has partnered with several community organizations with the intended purpose of linking clients to mainstream services, promoting the value of immigration in the community, and emphasizing the value of immigration and diversity. The ANC has partnered with organizations like Sharing Our Cultures (SWIS Liaison), Literacy NL, and other multicultural groups. The ANC has no religious affiliation and its services are, provided to everyone: however, with its local connections and relationships, the ANC can help its clients find the groups that will meet their religious needs and help them to grow and flourish.

The ANC places an emphasis on career development for the immigrant and refugee communities, and its AXIS Career Program is an excellent example of this. The program offers work placement opportunities, portfolio development, career action plans, mentoring opportunities, and job searching strategies. Through the ANC's proficiency in their establishment of local relationships, newcomers are sure to get the help that they need.

Highlights of group's history: The ANC considers their largest historical achievements as the English Language School, which currently has between 112 and 120 students. One of the important elements to note is the supportive community that is created, as the English language students often get together and organize activities catered to their own customs, or ones that they learn about through the community. This support system fosters cultural diversity in the community.

In January 2009, the Association launched "The Helpline" – available to immigrants and backed with support from the Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism, this toll-free line provides information (from an actual operator – not a machine) about settlement and language supports, community, health, employment and recreation services in addition to general information and a wealth of federal, provincial, and municipal government programs.

Present Goals of your group: The organization holds a number of ambitions, including the promotion of cultural diversity within the community. Cross-Cultural Education sessions are an important resource for community groups to acquire knowledge regarding the rich variety of cultures and customs possessed by individuals immigrating to St. John's. In addition to this initiative, the ANC has a large collection of cultural profiles accessible to the community which are also available online. To further facilitate and encourage cultural diversity, the association has developed and maintains a list of interpretation and translation services available to the community and any permanent residents. One of the large goals of the ANC is to "foster public awareness on issues relating to immigration, business, and academic sectors", and to "promot[e] the goals of the Provincial Multiculturalism Policy" and it is through these resources that such a goal can be achieved.


Leaders and contacts: The organization is governed by an elected, representative Board of Directors who provide insight and knowledge within the areas of local business and government sectors.

Facilities: English language school, onsite daycare and computer access, as well as transportation to and from the school.


Information: Information regarding the programs provided by the ANC can be found on the website listed above.

The ANC offers a "The Helpline" (a toll free number: 1-877 666 9650) that operates from 9 am – 4:30 pm. As stated in an ANC information sheet, the Helpline exists "to provide these individuals with timely access to information on settlement and community services from across the province. With support from the Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism, Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment, the Association for New Canadians is offering a toll free information helpline that will provide information on settlement and language supports, community, health, employment, and recreation services as well as general information and referral on a variety of federal, provincial and municipal government programs. This service is intended for immigrants and refugees as well as other individuals interested in immigrating to Newfoundland and Labrador." The Helpline service can also be accessed by email at