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Fishy Feminist Podcast

Dr. Christine Knott


This research project engages with feminist and other critical social, climate and environmental justice literatures to better understand the experiences of rural and coastal fishing community members broadly defined (e.g. to include racialized migrants, people with disabilities, people from lower socioeconomic standings, women and youth) have been integrated into and/or excluded from Canadian fisheries (e.g., harvesting, processing, aquaculture, food and recreational fisheries, sportfishing) through past, present and imagined future infrastructures. Further, it aims to examine how these processes and practices challenge or reinforce systems of inequalities and oppression and shape our relations to marine animals. Finally, it aims to imagine alternative infrastructure designs that are inclusive, just and equitable models of fish-human relations.

In addition, the project will build a network of local and international feminist marine and water knowledge holders, conduct a review of fisheries related regulations and policies in Canada, and if Covid- 19 restrictions allow, carry out 6-8 roundtables with members of diverse groups, and conduct walking interviews with selected community members. To carry out the project and to build a longer-term research legacy, the team will build and run an interdisciplinary fisheries research collaborative that draws on feminist equity framing to support trainees and early career fishery researchers at Memorial University and OFI-affiliated scholars such as Future Ocean and Coastal Infrastructures (FOCI).

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