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New Episode of Crosscurrents Now Available

To listen to Episode 7 of Crosscurrents with Anthony Heyes, click here

Anthony Heyes is a leading environmental economist whose wide-ranging research interests have focused on instrument design, behavioural economics applied to environmental problems and incentives for green innovation. Dr. Heyes is both a professor of Economics and Canada Research Chair in Environmental Economics at the University of Ottawa. He is or has been a fellow of universities including ENCORE, Nuffield College, Oxford, and many others and is currently the associate editor of Environmental & Resource Economics Journal. He recently spoke at Memorial University and discussed his latest research which involves the impact of urban air pollution on various socio-economic outcomes.

Welcome to the 7th episode of CrossCurrents, a podcast of Memorial University's Nexus Centre for Humanities and Social Science Research.

For more information on Anthony Heyes' work check out his website:

This episode was produced by Michelle Irving and John Sandlos. 

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This music used in the podcast was licensed under a Creative Commons license. The opening music is

~aether theories~ by Vidian

The closing music is titled Blind Love Dub, by Jeris

The Nexus Centre is generously supported by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the VPR office at Memorial University. The environmental humanities in the public realm workshop was generously supported by SSHRC, and?at Memorial by the Faculty of HSS and the VPR Research Office.

Join us for episode 8 of Crosscurrents, when continue with our series on the Climate Change and Energy Futures workshop.