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Nexus Online: Call for Participation

Are you looking for a virtual space to give the talk you can't give now because your conference, workshop, or departmental seminar is now cancelled? In this time of physical distancing, Nexus is hoping to serve as a virtual gathering place so people can exchange ideas and perspectives online. Nexus is fully equipped with Bluejeans, and anybody with a mobile device and/computer (with microphone) can contribute (even without a microphone you can listen to talks). I can run virtual events from my home office so we can hold events without anybody having to go to the university (i.e., you can give your talk from a home office). 

We quickly moved our last on-campus event to BlueJeans -- Brett Favaro's DecarbonizeNL talk -- and we had a solid audience and excellent discussion, even in a week where everyone was reeling from sudden changes to the work environment. If you had to cancel a speaker coming from elsewhere, it is also possible for those people to deliver their talks via Bluejeans. I am also happy to set up vitual meeting spaces for any reading or research groups who cannot otherwise meet as this time. I am also very open to other kinds of events -- public roundtable discussions of a reading or an issue, for instance. In order to include the greatest number of possible people, I can say we will be very accepting of kid noises, children coming to check out what their parent is doing, or other audible signs of routine family like. I don't want people feeling like they can't participate because they have young kids at home! Everybody understands!

In order to suggest a talk or other kind of event, please contact me at 

Bluejeans is not hard to use, and I can arrange a brief practic/training session ahead of any public event for speakers who have never used the technology. 

This offer is open to any member of the Memorial University community -- all campuses and all disciplines. If anybody from outside the university or at another institution would like to propose a public talk we can consider that too, given that the costs of "bringing in" outside speakers is non-existent using remote technology. 

Nexus has never been about a building or a room; it has thrived because people were willing to come forward, share their work, organize events, and build a community across disciplines at Memorial. Let's keep that spirit alive! If you have a talk or event ready to go, or something that will be ready to go in the near future, please let me know.