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Introducing the Nexus Centre

The Nexus Centre exists to foster research connections among faculty at Memorial University, in Canada, and globally. Nexus is meant to bring together scholars from different disciplines to engage in interdisciplinary approaches to research problems. There are many ways to do this: collaborative research projects, symposia, workshops, discussion groups, and speaker series. The centre will also engage the public in humanities and social science research through events, our blog (Back Eddies) and our podcast series (Crosscurrents).

Through all of these activities, the Nexus Centre seeks to demonstrate that humanities and social sciences research is vitally to understanding who we are as human beings, our place in the world, and how we might address pressing societal problems. The Nexus Centre is founded on the idea that interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to research—seeing things from different angles and perspectives—offer the most reliable and engaging means by which to address key issues and ideas. The Nexus Centre promotes collaborative and interdisciplinary research as a matter of intellectual interest and for its potential to contribute to the public good.

Nexus and Research

Nexus is a broad-ranging research centre, meant to be a hub of collaborative and interdisciplinary engagements with important research questions. The centre is not tied to a research topic or theme, but is meant to cultivate and support research across all humanities and social science disciplines. Nexus can help Memorial researchers in a variety of ways:

  • Direct and indirect support for research grant applications within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science (please contact Director John Sandlos about this;
  • Promotion of research projects through web links, blog postings, podcasts, and public events;
  • Space for collaborative interaction, research workshops, meetings, and symposia;
  • Potential space for visiting scholars and postdoctoral fellows;
  • Space for speakers and lecture series.

If you have ideas that you think might be a good fit for Nexus, and if you think we can help promote your research, please do not hesitate to contact us at