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John Sandlos, Nexus DirectorJohn Sandlos is a Professor in Memorial’s Department of History (cross-appointed to Geography) with wide ranging interests in the fields of environmental history and Canadian history. His specific research areas include wildlife conservation, parks and protected areas, mining history, pollution and the Canadian North. Dr. Sandlos has a broad background in interdisciplinary research. He received his masters and doctoral degrees from the interdisciplinary Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. He has also been a resident fellow of the Rachel Carson Center, an interdisciplinary research institute of the Ludwig Maximilian University and the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany. Dr. Sandlos has participated in several research projects that emphasized interdisciplinary scholarship and collaboration with communities, including the Abandoned Mines in Northern Canada Project, the Toxic Legacies Project and the Northern Exposures Project.

Nexus Research Assistant

Alanna Felt is a Master’s candidate in Social and Cultural Anthropology at MUN. Having recently completed a Master’s in Urban Planning at McGill University, she has a particular interest in collaborative research, civic engagement, and social movements – particularly as they relate to the urban and built environment. Currently, Alanna sits on the Downtown Advisory Committee for the City of St. John’s, and has been active in a number of different non-profit organizations in St. John’s, including the Atlantic Planners Institute (API); Happy City; Ordinary Spokes Bike Collective; MUN BikeShare; and Food Education, Action, St. John’s (FEASt).


A connection or series of connections linking two or more things; a connected group or series; a central or focal point.
-- English Oxford Living Dictionary

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