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Episode 8: The Climate Change and Energy Futures Workshop Pt. 2

This is the second episode of The Climate Change and Energy Futures workshop that was held at the Nexus Centre, Memorial University, on October 10-11, 2018. The workshop was co-organized by Mark CJ Stoddart (Memorial University), John McLevey (University of Waterloo), John Sandlos (Memorial University), Vanessa Schweizer (University of Waterloo), and Catherine Mei Ling Wong (University of Luxembourg).

The workshop included participants from Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Iceland, India, Luxembourg, and the United States. Participants also represented a range of disciplines including Sociology, Geography, Political Science, and Environmental Studies, as well as community speakers. The presentations and discussions generated new insight into how energy systems may be reconfigured to address the problem of climate change and promote social-ecological wellbeing. Transdisciplinary and international contributions focused on the social challenges, possibilities and trade-offs involved in pursuing fossil fuels, nuclear power, hydro-electric, and emerging renewable energy technologies.

This episode features talks by Angela Carter and Mark Stoddart, along with short interviews with Cole Atlin, Kathleen Parewick, Tuomas Yla-Antilla, Vanessa Schweizer, Andreas Klinke, Kari Norgaard, and Karl Bennediktsson. 

This episode was produced by Elahe Nezhadhossein. 

For more information on the Climate Change and Energy Futures workshop, you can click on a link to a blog posting about the event:

The full workshop report is available at:

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The Nexus Centre is generously supported by the Faculty of HSS and the VPR office at Memorial University. The environmental humanities in the public realm workshop was generously supported by SSHRC, and at Memorial by the Faculty of HSS and the VPR Research Office.

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