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Episode 5: Ashlee Cunsolo and Sean Kheraj

Over the next several episodes of Crosscurrents, we offer recordings of the key talks that were presented the Nexus Centre Workshop, the Environmental Humanities in the Public Realm. In
this episode, we begin with Ashlee Cunsolo, Director of the Labrador Institute of Memorial University, who talks about the concept of ecological grief, or mourning, among Indigenous people in Labrador who are already experiencing some of the worst effects of Climate Change. In the second part of the episode, Sean Kheraj, an environmental historian from York University, speaks about research he completed for the City of Vancouver on the history of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project, and his work on the history of oil and gas pipelines more generally.

For more information on Ashlee Cunsolo and Sean Kheraj’s work check out:

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This music used in the podcast was licensed under a Creative Commons license, and you can't find out more about the music through links on our show notes. The Nexus Centre is generously supported by the Faculty of HSS and the VPR office at Memorial University. The environmental humanities in the public realm workshop was generously supported by SSHRC, and
at Memorial by the Faculty of HSS and the VPR Research Office.

Join us for episode six of Crosscurrents, when continue with our series on the environmental humanities.

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Citation: Sandlos, John.
"Episode 5: "Sean Kheraj and Ashlee Cunsolo,"
Crosscurrents: A Podcast of the Nexus Centre. 16 January 2019