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Episode 1: Petrocultures

We see evidence every day that petroleum fuels much in modern life, from the cars we drive, the planes that take us on long distance trips, or the ships that bring innumerable consumer goods across oceans. Push a little deeper, and we can talk about the role of petroleum in the production of the twentieth century revolution in plastics production, or the geopolitical conflicts that flow in to and out of oil producing regions.
We don't often think of the influence of oil on culture, the novels we read, the films we watch, and the rhythm of everyday life.
On this first episode of the Crosscurrents podcast, I spoke with Memorial University English Professors Danine Farquaharson and Fiona Polack about their involvement with the broad "Petrocultures" research network, and their own project called "Cold Water Oil."
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Danine Farquaharson
Fiona Polack
John Sandlos
Alanna Felt
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Sandlos, John. "Episode 1: Petrocultures," Crosscurrents: A Podcast of the Nexus Centre. 1 November 2017