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Back Eddies

Back Eddies is the blog of the Nexus Centre. It is meant as a space for researchers (students and faculty) to share new ideas, summaries of new publications, descriptions of novel research projects, and any kind of think piece related to university scholarship. Cross-postings with other open access blogs are more than welcome where there is permission to do so. If you have a blog entry that you would like to share with the broader university community at Memorial, please contact us ( and follow us on Twitter (@NexusCentre) for notices of new postings. 

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Welcome to 'Back Eddies'

Back eddies are currents that run against the main flow of a river, pathways a paddler uses to move smoothly upstream. So too, I hope, can this blog be used to move forward against powerful intellectual currents that have sought to undermine the value of humanities and social sciences research.