Where to Start with Wahl? Collaborating to Find Clues About an Unknown French Cinema Critic

Wednesday March 11, 11AM

Dr. Karine Abadie (assistant professor, MLLC)

Natasha Farrell (MA graduate (Fall 2019) & PCI, MLLC)

Sean Kennedy (MA student, MLLC)

The purpose of this group presentation is to take stock of a current research project being led by Dr. Karine Abadie, in collaboration with students from the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures. This project, focuses on the output of an important French cinema critic of the interwar period, Lucien Wahl, and consists of rediscovering, documenting, and analysing texts written by Wahl during this timeframe. While Lucien Wahl is an important critic of his era, there are very few references to him remaining today .

When nothing is known about a writer, a few initial questions arise, such as: Where does one start? How can certain digital tools be useful for this type of research? How do you collaborate with students in fields like literature and cinema? How do you share findings as discoveries arise? Our presentation will provide reflections on these questions, while also highlighting the methodological aspects of this research.