The Nexus Centre Hosts five events next week, so mark your calendars! All events are held in the Nexus Centre, SN 4022

Tuesday March 6, 12-1, The Nexus Centre Seminar Series

Julia Chirstensen (Geography) and Peter Whitridge (Archaeology), "Place and Placelessness in the North: Themes in Northern Housing Research."

Thursday March 8, 12-1, The Nexus Centre Seminar Series

How to get your work published, a panel discussion with Fiona Polack, editor of ISER books, Jeff Webb, editorial board member with Newfoundland and Labrador Studies, Maryssa Barras, editor of Buried Text, Jason Waters and Megan De Vries, editors at Mapping Politics.

Thursday March, 8, 3-4, HSS Honours Roundtable

This is a meeting for where Honours students in HSS have an opportunity to discuss their work and the thesis process. All HSS Honours students and faculty welcome.

Friday March 9, 12-1, Aboriginal Research Series

Dr. Elizabeth Yoeman, Faculty of Education, "Translating Elizabeth Penashue's Diaries." 

Friday March  9, 1-2, The History Department Seminar Series 

Josep Simon Castel, Universidad del Rosario (Columbia), "The Physical Science Study Committee and the Evolving Nation in the World of Science and Education (1945-1975)."