Episode 9 of Crosscurrents is part of the ongoing recordings of the key talks from the Environmental Humanities in the Public Realm Workshop held at the Nexus Centre. We begin with Paul Foley, a professor at Memorials Grenfell Campus. Dr. Foley, a political economist whose research interests focus on environmental governance and socio-economic development. He recently spoke at Memorial University and discussed his latest research which looks at the challenges and opportunities of doing applied and policy relevant research from the political ecology perspective.

In the second part of the episode, Bipasha Baruah, a professor in Women’s Studies and Feminist Research at University of Western Ontario and Canadian Research Chair in Global Women’s Issues, speaks about how employment patterns change as we transition out of fossil fuels and what implications will there be for gender equality and social equity more broadly.

Welcome to the ninth episode of CrossCurrents, a podcast of Memorial University’s Nexus Centre for Humanities and Social Science Research.

For more information on Paul Foley and Bipasha Baruah’s work check out these links:

< http://publish.uwo.ca/~bbaruah/>
< https://www.grenfell.mun.ca/academics-and-research/Pages/school-of-science-and-the-environment/programs/environmental-studies/faculty-and-staff/Paul-Foley.aspx>

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