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Introducing the Nexus Centre

The Nexus Centre exists to foster research connections among faculty at Memorial University, in Canada, and globally.


Nexus and Research

Nexus is a broad-ranging research centre, meant to be a hub of collaborative and interdisciplinary engagements with important research questions.



Making Change With COVID

Come and hear our panelists (Dr. Sophie Harman, Global Health Policy, Queen Mary University of London; Dr. Andrea Kitta, Folklore & Medecine, East Caroline University; Ashleigh Weeden, Rural Development, Guelph University; and Dr. Michael Orsini, Feminist and Gender Studies, University of Ottawa) discuss these, and more during our FREE online roundtable on Wednesday November 25 from 7-9pm (NL time).


Nexus Online: Call for Participation

Nexus is about the people, not the place! We are looking for anyone interested in giving an online talk or panel discussion on Bluejeans. Reading and research groups can also book a spot!


A connection or series of connections linking two or more things; a connected group or series; a central or focal point.
-- English Oxford Living Dictionary

Nexus News

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