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Welcome to Crosscurrents, the podcast series of the Nexus Centre. Our podcasts are meant to highlight interdisciplinary research initiatives at Memorial University, primarily within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The series features interviews and group discussions with leading researchers in the faculty and across the university. If you have an idea for a podcast episode, please contact us ( Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@NexusCentre) to get announcements of new episodes. For a full archive of our podcast episodes please visit the links to YouTube, iTunes, or GooglePlay below. 

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Latest Episodes

George Grant



Episode 10: Kim TallBear

The latest episode of Crosscurrents features Max Liboiron interviewing Kim TallBear, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous People, Technoscience, and Environment during her visit to Memorial


Episode 9: Paul Foley and Bipasha Baruah

Join us for Episode 9 of Crosscurrents to hear Paul Foley speak on the political economy of fisheries management, and Bipasha Baruah speak on women in the renewable energy workforce at the Environmental Humanities in the Public Realm Workshop.


Episode 8: The Climate Change and Energy Futures Workshop Pt. 2

Episode 8 of Crosscurrents takes you to a front row seat at the Climate Change and Energy Futures Workshop organized by sociology professor Mark Stoddart.


Episode 7: Anthony Heyes

Have you ever wondered what big data baseball has to do with air pollution. Join us for Episode 7 of Crosscurrents, a talk by environmental economist Anthony Heyes, to find out


Episode 6: Climate Change and Energy Futures Workshop

Tune in for talks and short interviews from the Climate Change and Energy Futures Workshop organized by Sociology Professor Mark Stoddart at Nexus in October 2019


Episode 5: Ashlee Cunsolo and Sean Kheraj

Episode 5 of Crosscurrents features Sean Kheraj talking about his research on the history of pipelines, and Ashlee Cunsolo on ecological grief, talks delivered at the Environmental Humanities in the Public Realm workshop.


Episode 4: An Interview with David Wilson

Episode 4 of Crosscurrents is an Interview with David Wilson, an eminent historian of the Irish in North America. Dr. Wilson visited Memorial University in November to deliver the annual George Storey lecture


Episode 3: Rose Ricciardelli

Rose Ricciardelli talks about mental health supports for first responders and supports for prison inmates


Episode 2: The Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research

Check out our second episode of Crosscurrents, a conversation with the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research


Episode 1: Petrocultures

We see evidence every day that petroleum fuels much in modern life, from the cars we drive, the planes that take us on long distance trips, or the ships that bring innumerable consumer goods across oceans. Push a little deeper, and we can talk about the role of petroleum in the production of the twentieth century revolution in plastics production, or the geopolitical conflicts that flow in to and out of oil producing regions.