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HSS Researchv1.0.0

HSS Research - Search

Navigate the HSS Research Showcase

The Showcase is designed to let users navigate and find their way through our Faculty’s research activities either through formal paths like departments or faculty-defined research themes or to follow their interests by searching for information either by keywords in the search function or by clicking on tags and researchers’ names. Pages that display projects also permit filtering and sorting of listed projects by date or titles.


To search by keyword, click the magnifying glass icon at the top right hand corner of the site’s menu bar. This will open a search window; type your search and select from projects or people who match your search terms.


When viewing a mini-showcase, such as for a department, theme, or tag, or the full list of tags or people, it’s possible to limit the information display by providing a term which will filter the full list. Simply type what you’d like to see in the box, and the information will filter automatically to find items which match anywhere in the text content of the results. For tags and people, it’s also possible to filter by start of the items only by clicking on a letter or number at the top of the page.


It’s also possible to browse projects in mini-showcases associated with researchers, departments, archives, themes, and tags in the site. Simply click on a person or departmental name or a Tag and you’ll find the projects which match.

Similar Projects & Researchers

In individual project and researcher pages you will find ranked lists of projects and researchers who have similar tags, the most similar appearing at the top. This is an easy way to navigate through groups or clusters of researchers and projects within a given area and across departments and disciplines.