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HSS ResearchDashboardv1.0.0

HSS Research - Search

Dashboard Help

The dashboard provides users with a one-stop place to view and manage their projects and researcher profile for the HSS Showcase. It can be accessed at

The dashboard uses a series of ‘screens’ which load in the background - there’s no need to press ‘back’ or reload. The options for interaction are laid out as buttons either at the top right of the page, or throughout the forms and lists of projects etc.

First-Time Access

The first time you access the dashboard you will be asked to log in through Memorial’s secure login system, and then be required to complete your HSS Showcase profile. Your profile must consist of:

Once a profile is created, you’ll be able to access the project creation functions.

Claiming a profile

If you’ve been listed by another researcher in their project, you’ll have a ‘shell’ profile consisting if your name and email address. When you access the dashboard for the first time, you will be required to complete the full profile as normal.


The project creation form is similar to the older version of the Showcase, with some new features - namely, online editing of project images and the adding of non-HSS researchers to projects.


Project descriptions can employ basic markdown. Markdown is the compressed stylistic language used in Wikipedia and many other online web applications. It permits basic typographical formatting such as bolds and italics, as well as lists and headers. See’s basic syntax cheat-sheet for guidance.


The best images will reflect the nature of your project in some way, have little text, and have fairly consistent colour palette. Avoid overly white or pale images; colour-rich images work best.

Rights & Licensing

You should have rights to use the image for publicity purposes. If you or your research assistant has taken the image, that’s perfect. If you’re reusing an image from elsewhere, such as a stock photo, check to see if reuse is permitted under the image’s licensing. Creative Commons licenses are an example of how images are licensed for reuse. Ideally, you’re looking for something such as:

If you have questions about the images associated with your project, email and we can provide assistance.

Editing & Cropping

The new image editing and cropping functionality for projects can be accessed when adding or editing a project. The primary function of the tool is to allow project owners to upload and fit an image to the required dimensions for best use in the Showcase. It is mobile-friendly, but it may be more suitable for some users to use on a desktop device. Once an image is uploaded into the tool, it can be rotated, flipped, and zoomed in / out of prior to cropping the requisite dimensions. The image is then refreshed in the project form prior to saving the project itself. Once an image is uploaded and cropped the entire project must be saved in order for the image to be updated

Non-HSS Researchers

Non-HSS researchers can now be added to projects directly. These individuals will be listed at the bottom of a project page, with their names, affiliation, and web page.