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This research, conducted in French, focuses on the imaginary of cinematographic techniques as it unfolds in specialized cinema French magazines from 1925 to 1932.

Part of TECHNÈS partnership, this project focuses on the imaginary of cinematographic techniques such as it unfolds in the specialized French magazines (Cinéma, Cinémagazine, Cinéa-Ciné pour tous, Photo-Ciné, and Pour vous) of the years 1925-1932. This imaginary, supported by a variety of texts produced by journalists, practitioners, or even writers, is about the various meanings of the subject ‘‘techniques’’ and the gap between what is said and the reality of these cinematographic techniques.

By highlighting written sources and offering a cross-analysis of the texts derived from them, this project will show how an imaginary is developed, from the point of view of the texts, revolving around cinematographic techniques. Two aspects will be treated: what relates to the visuality of films and what targets the issue of sound. The question then arises of knowing how this specialized press takes hold of these aspects in order to develop, through discourses, an imaginary of cinematographic techniques which has not always taken hold of reality. Therefore, this project will testify of the appropriation by discourses of central aspects of cinematographic art and will seek to illustrate and enhance this contribution.

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